About Yeah Nah Thread Works

A decade after buying his first mass produced bikepacking gear (including several years of living on his bike), Ty had had enough of ‘one size fits all’ over engineered gear and started making his own.

Selling simple gear to recoup expensive postage on his fabrics, Ty's workload snow balled until it became a 'legit side-hustle'.

People seemed drawn to the somewhat outside-the-box designs and Ty’s eagerness to attack any custom idea - Problem solving, one stitch at a time.

The true test came when Ty and Chelsea embarked on a 10000km journey from Scotland to Turkey in 2023 utilising all YNTW bags. Not a stitch came undone and every bag remained rock solid on even the rowdiest of trails.

Having moved from Australia to Canada Ty now offers a range of gear from clothing to hiking and biking gear from his temporary workshop. More to come when all his machines arrive.

For more examples of Yeah Nah Thread Works products in action:

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