All-Day Cap

$50.00 CAD

- Five-panel style for on and off the bike.
- Minimalist design with reduced bulk wherever possible.
- Made with stretch fabric with no elastic or fasteners to bunch up.
- Flatter and larger brims than a cycling hat.
- Two brim sizes available (Bikepacker and Shredder)
- Polartec Power Wool silk-weight merino internal band to wick sweat and keep you cool.
- Made to order. Conservatively a 2 week lead time, almost always far less.
- BYO fabric available*.

One of the principles of overlanding that we hold with the utmost importance is that of dual purpose gear. From water carriers that double as cook pots, to tent pole bags that double as mud guards, we try where possible to make everything serve a couple of purposes. Including our clothes; shorts and t-shirts for us on the trail and in the pub. That’s why I designed the All-Day Cap to look like a normal five-panel hat, the added bonus being the sun protection that comes with a longer, flatter brim.

The design took us 10000km across Europe last year; seven months with the same two hats each, on and off the bikes.

I arrived at two brim sizes, the names should be self explanatory, with the longer Bikepacker and the shorter Shredder. 1cm doesn’t seem like a lot but when on the bike it does make a bit of a difference, especially when on tight single track or when wanting extra sun/glare protection on a long day in the saddle.

Small - 54-56cm
Medium - 57-59cm
Large - 60-62cm


If you’d like variation in panel colours add detail in checkout and I’ll confirm if unclear.

*I can make your hat in whatever fabric you mail to me. It does need to have stretch though, so no canvas, cotton or most wool suiting sorry. If unsure get in touch.